Ways to participate

Participating in the Big Data Expo Vlaanderen is an effective and efficient form of marketing. The powerful combination of expo and elaborate congress not only provides information, but also encourages interaction and innovation. 

Choose between the following options to present your company on the Big Data Expo 2018:

Booth space including booth
This ready-to-use booth makes participation as easy as possible. The booth comes with walls, carpet flooring, lights and lettering, and it will be completely set up for you. All you have to do is set up your own material to your liking. 
Price per square meter including booth: €280,-

Booth space without a booth
To maximize exposure and impress visitors even more, you can design your own custom booth. This guarantees a unique and eye-catching booth which suits your organisation.
Price per square meter excluding booth: €220,-

The mimimum purchase quantity is 9m2 for both options. All prices are excluding VAT.
Every participant has to pay a general participation fee of € 250,-.

The following package is included in the general participation fee:

  • Mention in the expo magazine
  • Downloadable banners for promotional use
  • On the website www.bigdata-expo.be:
    • Mention of your company profile
    • Option to add your company logo and social media accounts 
  • Personal registration link
    • Visitors can use this link to sign up for the  expo, which provides you with additional insights on the registrations by  logging onto our website.
  • Scan App
    • With this scan app you can swiftly scan visitor badges, which  will provide you with all the information you need about your visitor and  makes it easier to follow up on your meetings afterwards.

Register as exhibitor